Moto boy får finbesök från Berlin!

Publicerat 13 februari, 2017

GRAU creates intelligent, sophisticated electronic music in Berlin, Germany. Far removed from the ordinary and always searching for new sounds, GRAU is neither black nor white. Accordingly, the live duo from Berlin describes their music as something between electro pop and house; between melodic and driving; between straightforward and diverse, but always fluid and expertly crafted. ANNER’s enchanting, breathy vocals – sung in her mother tongue of German – effortlessly float over SlikNik’s dark atmospheres. Rather than clashing, these seemingly-opposed elements melt into a harmonious, perfectly balanced sonic yin and yang. SlikNik and ANNER, the two artists behind the project, are no newcomers to music. The Vienna-born Niko Stoessl was already a gold-, platinum- and double-platinum-selling producer in his early career in Austria and has contributed as producer and musician to projects with Dave Gahan/Depeche Mode, Crystal Castles, Moto Boy, Patrice and Nihils. As SlikNik he has been involved in remixes for Autist, IAMX, SDP, and Broad Bean Band. ANNER (born Anna Lanfer) isn’t just the voice of GRAU, but is also responsible for the duet’s poetic, heartfelt lyrics. The roots of her singing come from the jazz and blues she grew up on in her hometown of Oldenburg, Germany. As a singer/songwriter she then took a detour into pop music. What followed was her own live band, numerous appearances as a background singer and a contract as a studio singer before her passion for electronic music took hold. Since then, she has performed her minimal-house-influenced blend of genres under the moniker DJ ANNER and has collaborated with artists from the Berlin techno scene such as Fuchsberg/ Symbiont-Music.


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